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Emma Aragón


I drew with aptitude from an early age, creating recognizable portraits of my classmates by age 11.  In my teens I began to work with oil paints, taking classes in a studio.  In keeping with this artistic inclination I chose to study Architecture, in Mexico where I grew up, following this up with a Master’s Degree in Urban Planning at the University of Toronto.  


While pursuing a career in Urban Design in Toronto, and raising four children I still found time to paint and draw as a hobby.

I decided to return to painting seriously, becoming a member of an art group and exhibiting at various venues. I have continued to upgrade my skills with courses in painting, and followed my passion of art history, visiting many museums and institutions with important pieces of art of the western world. 


My work expresses a deep understanding of value and color balance, used to capture real and imagined images. I enjoy interpreting both figurative and abstract subjects.

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